Can Health-e Pediatrics do COVID-19 testing? | Healthe Pediatrics

Can Health-e Pediatrics do COVID-19 testing?

No. We are a virtual urgent care, so cannot perform a test for COVID-19. We can, however, evaluate and provide you with guidance on children with COVID-19 symptoms.

Can my Health-e Pediatrics doctor write a doctors note for school?

Yes! If your child needs to stay home from school, your doctor can write a note for you to use to excuse the absence. This note will be available in your visit summary in your account after your appointment. A caretaker’s work excuse will also be available if needed.

What is Health-e Pediatrics’ Financial Policy?

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Can my Health-e Pediatrics doctor order labs and imaging?

No. If your Health-e Pediatrics doctor believes labs or imaging are necessary, s/he will discuss this with you and advise you on the urgency and options for obtaining these.

What are the browser requirements for a virtual visit?



Can more than one caretaker join the telemedicine visit with the doctor?

Yes! Sometimes it is beneficial for a caretaker in a different location from the child to join the video visit. We can easily invite another person to join the visit by forwarding the URL link for the telemedicine appointment to them via email or text.

What ages can be seen by Health-e Pediatrics?

We are experts in the care of all children under 21 years of age. Please note, those patients under 18 years old must have an accompanying responsible parent or guardian with them during the virtual visit.

What schooling and training do physicians at Health-e Pediatrics have?

All the doctors caring for you at Health-e Pediatrics are experts in childhood illness. They have completed 4 years of undergraduate school, 4 years of medical school, and a residency in pediatrics, which is an intense 3 years of working an average of up to 80 hours per week learning all about kids! Your Health-e Pediatrics doctor is also trained in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, this means he/she completed another 3 years of fellowship working in a pediatric emergency department becoming an expert in the care of emergent pediatric conditions. All of our doctors are well trained with years of experience treating childhood illnesses and injuries. That is why at Health-e Pediatrics, WE KNOW KIDS!

Can my Health-e Pediatrics doctor prescribe medications?

Yes, your HeP doctor can prescribe medication by sending an electronic prescription directly to your pharmacy of choice. Your pediatric specialist will determine the need for medication based on your or your child’s condition. Many conditions do not require prescription medications. (more…)

What if I have questions about my pediatric urgent care visit?

Most of the questions about your visit can be answered by logging into your account. There you will find your after-visit instructions and other important information. If you have a more urgent question about your child’s condition, we encourage you to speak with his/her primary care doctor.


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